The Twinning of the Old England Lodge No 1790 and Loggia Bellator No 42

on 1st October 2009


Twinning Certificate

The Cetificate of Twinning signed by the Provincial Grand Master of Surrey, RW Bro. Eric Stuart Bamford, the Grand Master of The Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, IV Fr. Fabio Venzi and the Worshipful Masters of both Lodges.


Why Twin?

Over a period of time our two Lodges became close not just in a Masonic sense but also in a Social sense. This included cultural visits between us which involved our partners and friends. It seemed only right that we should mark this relationship in a more formal way. The result of which was the formal Twinning of our two Lodges in October 2009 recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England and the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy and our respective Provincial Grand Lodges.


The aims of the twinning

The advancement of regular freemasonry under the constitution of the U.G.L.E. and the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy and the strengthening of fraternal links between the twinned Lodges. The sharing of cultural and social information & events and to promote friendship between our two Countries.


The Result

Several visits have been arranged in England and Italy between our families, we have each learned much about our respective cultures, way of life and history. Other links have formed which have resulted in increased membership, a wider understanding of Freemasonry in the general public and the forming of new connections in other countries.

Since the Twinning of our Lodges, another Lodge in Surrey has twinned with a Lodge abroad and others are looking towards formal links in other countries. This can only be good for Freemasonry in general.